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Dealing with the Modification of a Child Support Order, Spousal Support Order, Visitation or Custody Orders

Circumstances change; the original child support, spousal support, custody or visitation orders that were put in place may need to be changed in order to meet current situations with the family’s existing financial situation. The Family Law Guru will help you modify any existing court orders to meet your needs. The process can be complicated but when the order is correctly modified you will benefit from a new court order that makes sense for you.

The Family Law Guru will handle modifications as well as enforcement dealing with Child support, Alimony/Spousal Support or Child Custody and Visitation Rights.

Child Support Modification

A Child support modification may be needed when the financial circumstances of a parent may change. Each parent may appeal a child support order if there is a change in their conditions like an increase or decrease in the incomes by either parent, or a change in the amount of time the child spends with each parent.

There are many reasons why a child support order may be changes. Should you need to modify your child support payments, The Family Law Guru can prepare your petition and help properly document your changed financial or health condition.

Modification of Spousal Support Orders

Spousal Support in California is considered final at the time of the dissolution of the marriage or divorce. California family law does allow for changes to spousal support when changes occur to the original facts used to determine that support payments happen. Modifications are typically based on changes in income and, like child support changes, either spouse can request a modification to a spousal support order. Whether you are the spouse making support payments (obligor spouse) or the spouse receiving payments (the recipient spouse), Vanessa Gnekow will assist you in obtaining a modification in line with your current financial circumstances.

Modification of Custody and Visitation Orders

Custody and visitation orders are based on conditions at the point of the divorce. The goal of these orders are to establish a schedule that is in the best interests of the children, while at the same time giving both parents the appropriate level of parental access. However, situations can change over time, and if those changes are substantial, this could be grounds to modify custody or visitation orders. The more common situation that may result in modification of custody is when one parent moves or relocates.

The Law Office of Vanessa Gnekow has have handled many of the aforementioned situations and she has the experience to handle the most complex modification situations, including interstate and international moves.

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