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Having the experience of The Family Law Guru help you formulate a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement doesn’t mean that you don’t love or trust your spouse-to-be. It means that you would rather be in control of how your property is distributed, your assets and debts divided and who gets what in the unfortunate event of a divorce. It means that you are realistic planner for the reservations of what the future may hold and you do not want a California divorce court dictating how your finances, assets and debts will be separated.

A prenuptial agreement is simply put is a legally binding document that allows the spouses to control the manner in which the property and relationship will be addressed in a divorce. The Family Law Guru will also assist you in drawing up a postnuptial agreement, or a set of legal guidelines similar to that of prenup, but executed after the marriage has taken place. This kind of agreement requires a good deal of expertise because once you are married; you owe your spouse the highest duty of good faith and fair dealing. A postnuptial agreement can be set aside by one spouse if it was not executed properly.

Although prenuptial or postnuptial agreements are an alternative for any marriage, one or the other should be considered essential in the following situations:

  • One or both of you owns an interest in a business.
  • This will be a second marriage for one or both of you.
  • One of you is wealthier than the other.
  • One of your salaries is much higher than your partner.
  • One of you has significant debt
  • One of you will be a stay at home parent.
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