• March 19, 2017
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Make sure you don’t fall prey to these mistakes on your return this year.

If you want to get your tax refund as quickly as possible, it’s critical to avoid making mistakes that will delay the processing of your return. Yet every year, millions of taxpayers make tax errors that hold up their refunds and can trigger closer examinations of their taxes. The IRS has identified the most common errors that taxpayers make, and fortunately, it’s pretty easy to steer clear of them once you know they’re there.

Wrong or missing Social Security numbers
All of the tax information that gets reported to the IRS is tied to your Social Security number. Therefore, if you provide the wrong number, then the IRS won’t be able to match up your return with the information that your employer and financial institutions have provided. To avoid problems, make sure that the Social Security numbers that you provide match up correctly to what appears on your Social Security card.

Wrong names
You’d think this wouldn’t be a major problem, but the IRS receives many returns on which people’s names are incorrect. Again, your Social Security card is the best place to cross-check your name, and you should make sure you spell everything consistently so that it matches with other records. One particularly common issue is that if you change your name because of marriage or divorce, then you should be sure to notify the Social Security Administration so that its records will match what you report to the IRS.

Filing status errors
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