• March 26, 2017
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Monday is the first day of spring and thoughts of spring cleaning may be on your mind.

In addition to sprucing up your home for the upcoming warm weather, it might be even more important to take some to time to spruce up your finances. Here is a smart guide to giving your financial house a good spring cleaning:

All those papers! What you can throw away. Have you been putting off filing your taxes? Or have you already filed your taxes but uncertain on which financial documents to keep and which to toss? Many tax filers wonder how long you should keep records after you file your taxes. A number of experts advise keeping all returns and documentation related to your filing at least seven years. (The burden of verifying the accuracy of you tax filing rests with you.) If you are worried about the Internal Revenue Service auditing your tax return, here’s some advice to help protect yourself:

How long to keep your tax documents?

Prepare your 2017 tax preparation checklist now

The documents to make sure to keep

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