• December 07, 2016
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Five Out-of-the-Box Ways to Serve Someone Divorce Papers

If you find yourself dealing with a partner that is making the service of the divorce paperwork difficult, you might want to consider getting a little creative in order to catch them off-guard. Below are five great ideas for serving your divorce papers to the defensive party.

Idea #1: Hire a Sherriff to Show up at their Workplace

Utilizing the element of surprise, as well as choosing a public setting like the defendants workplace, is a great way to catch the person off-guard. Plus, adding in the law enforcement official adds an extra level of embarrassment for the individual. This method will possibly help avoid any major incidents, and hopefully the defendant will accept the service without might of a fight. As mentioned above, you need to make sure the Sherriff has jurisdiction where the defendant works, and there might be also fee.

Idea #2: Have a friend pretend to be a Flower Delivery Person or Prize Presenter

Everyone loves to receive presents, and this might be a good way to get the defendant to drop his or her guard. You could include the service papers in a gift box. If their birthday is coming up soon, or even Valentine’s Day, you could use that as an extra element of surprise. Just make sure that you use a person that the defendant doesn’t recognize at all. And it is important for the defendant to confirm their identity to person in disguise.

Idea #3: Stage a Car Accident Scenario

If there’s a case of someone coming to the door at the defendant’s residence claiming that the person doesn’t live there, you might want to feign an emergency in order to get them to reveal themselves. If you have someone go to the door claiming that they just backed into the person’s vehicle, it might cause the defendants to reveal themselves. Again, this will have to be someone that the defendant has never seen before.

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